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These stories have been submitted by members of the Female Convicts Research Centre, researchers and descendants of female convicts.

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Recent  addition:


Charlotte Blears (1822 - ?), per Woodbridge 1843

Charlotte Blears was a local girl baptised on the 26th October 1822 at St Mary the Virgin Leigh who was to lead a quite extraordinary life. Her mother, Elizabeth Blare, was described as a singlewoman and although no father’s name is given on the baptismal record, many years later Charlotte herself names him as Henry Cordwall. This is the first and only mention of Henry who doesn’t seem to have played much of a part in Charlotte’s life.

By Ruth Thomas 2016



Ann Dawson (1797- ?), per William Bryan 1833

author John Peck (2016)


Isobel Cuthbert: 'Do not use me so'

Ian Billing

The sad story of Isobel Cuthbert, who escaped the death sentence through the pleas of the jury for leniency, arrived on the Margaret in 1843 in Van Diemen's Land. (updated 27 June 2016)


Rachael Wright: Stealing an infant of tender years

Christopher Riley, PhD
This article originally appeared in: Alexander, A (ed) 2014, Convict Lives at the George Town Female Factory, Convict Women’s Press, Hobart.




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