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    Tips for a successful registration


    • - You will be required to select a username which is unique to the database. If your selected username is already in use, the username form field will empty and you will have to try another username. Usernames can only be updated after registration by emailing the administrator.
    • - The email address you nominate must be unique to the database. TrashMail or non-genuine email addresses will not be accepted.
    • - The password requires you to use at least one letter and one number, with a minimum of five characters.  Please remember your password!
    • - You will be asked to read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and provide an answer to the security maths question before submitting the registration form. We recommend you also read our policies for Privacy.
    • - If you are having trouble registering please review the required fields. They will be outlined in red if you have missed one that is required, or the contents do not validate - try using a different username.
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    • At registration members are added to our mailing lists to receive emails. To unsubscribe from, or re-subscribe to the various lists, please click here. Update Email Subscriptions
  • Membership to CWP Open or Close

    If you are requiring membership to the Convict Women's Press Inc. please contact the organisation through their website at http://www.convictwomenspress.com.au

  • School Groups Open or Close

    We ask schools to register and share a single membership and login, rather than students applying for individual registration which takes our volunteers a long while to process.   

  • Tips for Accessing the Female Convicts in VDL database Open or Close

    Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email.  Please note that your registration login and password is for logging into the Members area of the website, it cannot be used for accessing the database which is hosted externally.  To login to the database you need to go to this page: http://www.femaleconvicts.org.au/index.php/members/access-the-database  where you will see the steps necessary to login to the database.  There will be a different login and password on this page.

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