One of the aims of our Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land database is to be a repository for photos, stories and biographies of female convicts. We invite you to Share your convict story, research or images by completing the Submit a Convict form and/or the Image and Document Submission form below, and email to our Genealogy Research Co-ordinator at

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Please complete the Submit a Convict Form so that you can be registered as a descendant/researcher in our Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land database for each convict you:

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    We welcome all stories about female convicts. However, in order to protect the integrity of this site and the quality of information provided, it is necessary to maintain certain standards of research and writing.


    Writers are encouraged to incorporate into their stories, where appropriate, some historical background to assist in shining a light on the lives of their subjects either before or after transportation.


    All such material should be factually based and referenced accordingly. As a general rule, stories should be limited to approximately 2500 words or less.


    If you would like to contribute an interesting female convict story, please complete a submission form and ask about our style guide. Stories will be selected for publication on the basis of historical interest and quality of research and writing. 


    For those writers who also have photos they would like to share, database storage limitations prevent these being incorporated into the stories. However, please complete an image and document submission form for separate storage of photos in the database.


    All stories are subject to copyright.


Please note: If you have previously submitted details to the Female Family Founders Database, you do not need to resubmit the details, as this is the former name of the Female Convicts in Van diemen's Land database.

If you also wish to submit an image, story or biography of your convict, please read the Image and Document Submission section below.


Image and Document Submission

Please complete the Image and Document Submission Form if you have a photo, story or biography of your convict which you wish to submit to be stored in our database.

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Diaries and Artifacts

The Female Convict Research Centre do not collect or archive original material such as diaries and artifacts.  While we do appreciate copies in digital format for our database, if you wish to donate original items we suggest you contact us for a referral, or by completing the following form we will pass your information on to the appropriate organisation.

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Please acknowledge our work, should you choose to use our research.  Our work may be subject to copyright therefore please check our Copyright Policy, and Disclaimer policy.

For academic referencing (suggestion only) Database: [http address], FCRC Female Convicts in Van Diemen’s Land database, entry for xxxx ID no xxx, accessed [date].

For academic referencing (suggestion only) Website:  Female Convicts Research Centre Inc., accessed [date] from [http address].