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  FCRC Seminar 2022:  Young female convicts in Van Diemen’s Land 

1st May 2022

Venue: To be advised

Program and Registration available mid February 2022

Many female convicts were under the age of sixteen. What was their experience of convict life? How did they cope, forcibly separated from their families and everything that was familiar? What was their post-sentence experience?
The next Female Convicts Research Centre seminar will focus on the experiences of young female convicts in Van Diemen’s Land.




Past Seminar Programs: 


Spring 2010: Populating the Ross Female Factory

Autumn 2010: Female Factories: Who worked there and why?


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[Author], '[Title of paper'], unpublished paper presented at  FCRC Seminar, [seminar date].

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[Author], ['Title of paper'],  paper presented at FCRC Seminar, [seminar date],





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