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Research seminars, held twice yearly, are open to all members and to the general public.

Spring Seminar, 28th October 2018

Topic: A Great Blessing? Convict Women and Orphan School Children

Lieutenant-Governor Arthur believed it would be ‘a great blessing’ for the children of convicts to be removed  from their parents. Our next seminar explores the relationship between the Orphan School, the orphans and convict women. In 1828, women convicts transferred from the old Hobart Town Female Factory to the new Factory at the Cascades. In 1828, the King’s Orphan Schools opened. To mark the 190th anniversary of both institutions, our next seminar will be run jointly by the Female Convicts Research Centre and the Friends of the Orphan Schools and it will be held at the Orphan School, St John’s Avenue, New Town ( 

The program is available and registrations are now open. Click here to learn more.



Source: Archives Office of Tasmania

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Spring Seminar 2018:  28th October, 2018

Autumn Seminar 2019:  28th April, 2019


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Spring 2010: Populating the Ross Female Factory

Autumn 2010: Female Factories: Who worked there and why?


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