These stories have been submitted by members of the Female Convicts Research Centre, researchers and descendants of female convicts.

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Recent  additions:


Mary Donovan 1819 - 1891, per Rajah 1841

Written by Erica Orsolic (16/10/2017)


Sarah Holley 1817 - 1895, per Majestic 1839

Written by Peter Brennan  (16/10/2017)


Ann Paget, per Asia 1847

Biography of Ann Paget

Written by David Edwards  (16/10/2017)


Mary Dockerty  ? - 1883, per Hydery 1832

Destinies plan for Mary Dockerty

Written by Kay Buttfield (16/10/2017)


Mary Dove 1811 - 1865, per William Bryan 1833


Written by Margaret Walsh  (16/10/2017)





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Further stories:

Edges of Empire Biographical Dictionary: 

Edges of Empire is a Biographical Dictionary offering accounts of nearly 200 female convicts who were tried or born outside the British Isles. All were transported to the Australian colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land between 1788 and 1853. Their life stories have been tracked from numerous sources around the world, sometimes in detail and sometimes with the merest trace of their existence.

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