Magistrates used the following classification of offences in their courts in Van Diemen's Land. Most female convicts were convicted colonially of offences in Class IV and Class V Nos. 45 and 52.

Class I: Offences against the Person

1.  Infanticide
2.  Concealment of birth
3.  Murder
4.  Attempted murder
5.  Manslaughter
6.  Rape
7.  Other offences against females
8.  Abduction
9.  Unnatural offences
10.  Abortion and attempts to procure
11.  Bigamy
12.  Suicide, attempted
13.  Assault, aggravated
14.  Assault, common
15.  Other offences against the person

Class II: Offences against Property

16.  Burglary
17.  Housebreaking
18.  Robbery and stealing from the person
19.  Horse-stealing
20.  Cattle-stealing
21.  Sheep-stealing
22.  Embezzlement and stealing by servants
23.  Larceny, other
24.  Unlawfully using horses or cattle
25.  Unlawfully branding
26.  Receiving
27.  Fraud and false pretences
28.  Arson
29.  Malicious damage
30.  Other offences against property

Class III: Forgery and Offences against the Currency

31.  Forgery and uttering forged instruments
32.  Offences in relation to the currency

Class IV: Offences against Good Order

33.  Drunkenness
34.  Drunkenness and disorderly conduct
35.  Drunkenness, habitual
36.  Obscene, threatening, or abusive language
37.  Vagrancy
38.  Begging
39.  Indecent, riotous, or offensive conduct
40.  Other offences against good order

Class V: Offences not Included in Preceding Classes

41.  Conspiracy
42.  Perjury and subornation
43.  Offences against gambling suppression laws
44.  Offences against liquor laws
45.  Offences against factory laws
46.  Offences against masters and servants laws
47.  Offences against education laws
48.  Offences against neglected children laws
49.  Desertion of wives and children
50.  Offences against navigation or shipping laws
51.  Offences against Revenue laws
52.  Other offences, which included offences against convict discipline:

a. bushranging

b.  absconding

c.  absence without leave

d.  insolence

e.  insubordination

f.  idleness

g.  neglect of duty

h.  refusing to work

i.  refusing to hire

j.  misrepresenting qualifications

k.  absence from authorised abode

l.  out after hours

m.  loitering about during divine service

n.  being in a disorderly house

o.  falsely stating civil condition

p.  being in a public-house

q.  attempting to leave the colony

r.  disobedience of orders

s.  absence from muster

t.  misconduct





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