Listed here are articles and papers related to female convicts, convict history and Tasmanian  history.


Author Title Journal/Book/Series Year Reference
Ballyn, Susan Retrieving the Convict Voice and Body from Historical Silence and Invisibility Postdoctoral Dislocations: Travel, History and the Ironies of Narrative Novis Press, pp.81–92
Ballyn, Susan and Frost, Lucy Sephardi Convicts in Van Diemen's Land A Few from Afar: Jewish Lives in Tasmania from 1840 by P. & A. Elias (eds) 2003 Hobart Hebrew Congregation, pp.73–82
Ballyn, Susan and Frost, Lucy A Spanish Convict, Her Clergyman Biographer, and the Amanuensis of her Bastard Son Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives by Lucy Frost & Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (eds) 2001 Melbourne University Press, pp.91–104
Bartlett, Anne The Launceston Female Factory THRA Papers & Proceedings 1994 Vol.14 pp.114–124
Casella, Eleanor Conlin Archaeology of the Ross Female Factory Incarceration in Van Diemen's Land, Australia Records of the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston 2002 No.108
Casella, Eleanor Conlin Playthings: Archaeology and the Material Ambiguities of Childhood Children in Culture, Revisited: Further Approaches to Childhood by K. Kesnik-Oberstein 2011 Palgrave
Casella, Eleanor Conlin and Frost, Lucy "your unfortunate and undutiful wife" Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives by Lucy Frost & Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (eds) 2001 Melbourne University Press, pp.105–115
Cochrane, Don The murder of Lucy Richards at Lye Black Country Murders 2011
Daniels, Kay Prostitution in Tasmania during the transition from penal settlement to 'civilized' society' So Much Hard Work by Kay Daniels (ed.) 1984 pp.15–86
Daniels, Kay The Flash Mob: Rebellion, Rough Culture and Sexuality in the Female Factories of Van Diemen's Land Australian Feminist Studies 1993 Vol.18 pp.133–150
Davis, Richard Victims or Initiators? Three Irish Women Convicts of Van Diemen's Land Irish Convict Lives by Bob Reece (ed.) 1993 pp.199–230
Caroline Anne Forell Convicts, Thieves, Domestics, and Wives in Colonial Australia: The Rebellious Lives of Ellen Murphy and Jane New Social Science Research Network 2012 online
Frost, Lucy Eliza Churchill tells ... Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives by Lucy Frost & Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (eds) 2001 Melbourne University Press, pp.79–90
Frost, Lucy The Vanishing Iberian Connection Changing Geographies: Essays on Australia by S. Ballyn et all (eds) 2001 Centre D'Estudis Australians, Universitat de Barcelona, pp.21–41
Frost, Lucy Protecting the Children: Early Years of the King's Orphan Schools in Van Diemen's Land Coolabah 2013 No.10
Frost, Lucy and Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish At large with the run-a-ways Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives by Lucy Frost & Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (eds) 2001 Melbourne University Press, pp.201–209
Kippen, Rebecca 'And the Mortality Frightful': Infant and Child Mortality in the Convict Nurseries of Van Diemen's Land Paper presented at a meeting of the Female Convicts Research Group (Tasmania) 2006
Lennox, GR A private and confidential despatch of Eardley Wilmot: Implications, comparisons and associations concerning the probation system for convict women THRA Papers & Proceedings Vol.29 No.2 pp.80–92
McLeavy, Lyn Jane Cook, convict 40 Degrees South 1998 Spring
McLeavy, Lyn Jane Cook and me The Age 2002 6 April
McMahon, Anne A Noteworthy Voyage: The Royal Admiral(4) an 1842 female convict transport from the UK Tasmanian Ancestry 2011 Vol.32 No.2 pp.101–102
Mundy, Godfrey Charles A Visit to Cascades Female Factory Our Antipodes (3rd edition) 1855 London, pp.449–502
Nolan, Blathnaid A Propensity for larceny Women's History Association of Ireland
Payne, HS A statistical study of female convicts in Tasmania, 1843–53 THRA Papers & Proceedings 1961 Vol.9 No.2 pp.56–69
Richardson, Jan Out of sight, out of mind: Ex-convict female paupers incarcerated in
Queensland's benevolent asylums
Journal of Australian Colonial History 2022 , Vol. 24, pp. 133-156
Robson, LL Origin of Women Convicts Historical Studies 1963 Vol.11 No.41 pp.45–53
Snowden, Dianne Voices from the Orphan Schools: TheTasmania (2) 1845 Tasmanian Ancestry 2011 Vo.32 No.2 pp.99–100
Sturma, Michael Eye of the Beholder: The stereotype of women convicts, 1788–1852 Labour History 1978 Vol.34 pp.3–10
Wilkie, Douglas Eugenie Caroline Lemaire: Woman of fashion and influence; or con-woman? Chainletter 2013 No.13
Wilkie, Douglas Marie Callegari in Australia: The identity of Alexandre Dumas's narrator in "Le Journal de Madame Giovanni" Explorations: A Journal of French-Australian Connections 2013 No.54
Williams, John Irish Female Convicts and Tasmania Labour History 1983 Vol.44 pp.1–17
Williams, John Irish Convicts in Tasmania Bulletin for Tasmanian Historical Studies 1989 Vol.2 No.3 pp.19–29
Wood, George Arnold Convicts Royal Austrlaian Historical Society Journal and Proceedings 1922 Vol.7 pp.177–208


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