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Newly digitised updates from the Tasmanian Archives and State Library heritage collections are now available via their blog.  Items featured on the blog are also available to view via their Newly Digitised Items webpage, this will be trialled for the next 3-6 months to find out which format works best.

Tasmanian Archives welcome any feedback you might have, helping to preserve and provide access to these wonderful collections.


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You may find some of the material available on line useful for your convict research.


TAHO Collections - Released July to September 2017


  • Letter book of the Superintendent of the Bridgewater Road Station, 1839-1845 CB55/1 
  • Register of applications by prisoners held in the Hobart Barracks for permission to write letters, 1855-1857 CON168  
  • Register of Absentees from the Hobart Prisoners’ Barracks, July-November 1853 CON164
  • Semaphore Code Dictionary – Tasman Peninsula, c.1868 (shows the words and numbers used to flag messages between stations) CON133
  • Statistical Returns for the number of convicts employed at the Military Barracks, Hobart, January-March 1852 AA968
  • Minutes of hearings before magistrates of charges against prisoners in the Barracks, April 1844-June 1845 CON166
  • Return of Women transferred from the Launceston House of Correction to the Ross House of Correction, June 1854 AA967
  • Register of convict in the service of settlers in the New Norfolk district, March 1833-January 1853 POL514
  • Register of convicts in the service of settles in the Richmond area, 1832-1853 POL584
  • Alphabetical index to convicts who were the subjects of correspondence concerning remission of sentences, May 1857-October 1857 CON48
  • Register of convicts’ applications to interview the Comptroller-General and Sherriff, 1862-1886 CON49
  • Register of petitions referred to Comptroller-General and Sherriff, 1862-1864 CON46
  • Register of the issue of subpoena for witnesses to attend Quarter Sessions, 1852-1857 AF920
  • Register of the issue of subpoena for witnesses to attend Supreme Court, 1852-1859 (earlier register 1834-1839 not yet digitised) SC183
  • Record of cases heard in Lower Court Petty Sessions, Green Ponds (Kempton) early gap filled, March 1834-January 1835 (LC194/4/1) LC194
  • Photographs of convicted criminals from Head Office police records, last volume in the series completed, 1928-1931

(POL708-1-5-names added by TIRS) POL708


  • Admission register, Royal Derwent Hospital, 1830-1900

(register was started in 1859; the early entries were compiled retrospectively from other records in existence at that time) HSD247




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